Author = Yari, M.
Zeolite catalyzed alkylation of toluene by alcohol

Volume 7, Issue 4, February 2011, Pages 13-26

F. Sheikhoslamy; M. Yari; K. Ahzan

Nanoparficks of Silver loaded on polyanilino and Nylon

Volume 7, Issue 2, August 2010, Pages 43-46

S. Sedaghat; M Haji Ahmad Hashemi; M. Yari; A. Nouri

The Study of Salvation Effects on an Anticancer Drug; Dammarane sapogenins

Volume 6, Issue 3, November 2009, Pages 27-36

M. Hooshyari; F. Naderi; M. Yari; M. Khaleghian; M. Monajjem

A New Modification of Morse Potential Energy Function

Volume 5, Issue 4, February 2009, Pages 7-12

F. Naderi; M. Yari; F. Mollaamin; A.R. Ilkhani; M. Khaleghian; M. Monajjemi; N. Khodayari

Synthesis of Some New Azo Disperse Dyes and Investigation of Their Solvatochromic Effect

Volume 5, Issue 1, May 2008, Pages 25-30

M. Yari; S. Sedaghat; M. Hekmati

Heavy Metals (Cr (VI), Cd (II) and Pb (II)) Ions Removal by Modified Jute: Characterization and Modeling

Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2007, Pages 35-40

M. Yari; M. A. Mohsen; F. Khojasteh; O. Moradi


Volume 4, Issue 1, April 2007, Pages 33-38

F. Naderi; M. Monajjemi; M. Yari; K. Bakhshi

New Synthesis of Polyaniline using a Peroxides Enzyme

Volume 2, Issue 4, February 2006, Pages 49-54

Sedaghat Sharehjini; A. Nozad Golikand; M. Ghannadi Maragheh4; K. M. Taghi-Ganji; M. Yari; 0. Moradi