Determination of Trace Amount of Zn2+ Ion in soil, blood and vegetable and water samples by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry After Cloud Point Extraction Using Selective Synthesis Ligand2-(3- indolyl) – 4,5 di phynyl imidazole.

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1 Busher islamic azad university

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  Abstract A simple, sensitive and feasible cloud-point extraction (CPE) methodology has been developed for the separation and preconcentration of cadmium and lead ions in real samples. The metals in the aqueous solution were complexes with 2-(3- indolyl) - 4,5 di phynyl imidazole.(IDPI), at pH = 7.0 and Triton X-114 was added as surfactant. The variables effecting like concentration of Triton X-114 and HNO3, bath temperature, centrifuge rate and time on the cloud-point extraction were optimized. Under optimum conditions, the response are linear over concentration range of 0.077-1.29(µg mL-1) for Zn2+ and RSD % (n =5) 1.6 for Zn2+,  Detection limits (3SDb/m, n = 10, m = slope of calibration) of 0.14 (µg.mL-1) Zn2+ respectively. The enrichment factors was 33, the preconcentration factors was 27 for Zn2+ respectively. The high efficiency of cloud point extraction to carry out the determination of analytes in complex matrices was demonstrated. The proposed method was successfully applied to the ultra-trace determination of cadmium in real samples.