Destruction of Amylopectin in the Presence and Absence of TiO2 Nanoparticles

Document Type : Research Paper


Today, the use of natural polymers and their replacement with synthetic polymers in various fields of science has attracted much attention. Reducing the associated risks, easy access, and being cost-effective are among the advantages of using natural polymers compared to the synthetic polymers. In this research, the destruction of amylopectin in the presence and absence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles was investigated. The main objectives of this research include the replacement of the synthetic polymer materials with natural polymeric materials in order to produce new raw materials with high performance and less pollution to be used in various fields of science, particularly pharmaceuticals and medicine, and also studying its destructive properties. A comparison of the analysis methods besides adding titanium dioxide and other chemical additives would provide a variety of possible modes to study on the properties of this polymer. To investigate the viscosity of experimental solutions, the techniques such as XRD and FT-IR were used to detect the degradation rate of the samples.