Study of the adsorption of methyl orange from aqueous solution using nickel oxide nanoparticles: Equilibrium and Kinetics Studies

Document Type : Research Paper




Methyl orange is one dye resulted from the textile industry. The aim of this study is to test the
adsorption capacity of nickel oxide nanoparticles for removing the methyl orange from aqueous
solution. The parameters studied were the effect of temperature, contact time and initial pH of
solution. Results indicate that the removal efficiency of nickel oxide nanoparticles increases with
increasing concentration of methyl orange and temperature. Adsorption isotherms were investigated
to complete understanding the adsorption processes. The adsorption behavior was analyzed by
Langmuir, Freundlich and Tempkin isotherms. The values of correlation coefficients (R2) showed
that the Langmuir isotherm model has a better fitting than Freundlich and Tempkin isotherms.
Sorption kinetic data were fitted to the pseudo second-order model.