Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Sliding Mode Based Genetic Algorithm Control System to Control of a pH Neutralization Process

Document Type : Research Paper




In this paper, an adaptive neuro fuzzy sliding mode based genetic algorithm (ANFSGA) control
system is proposed for a pH neutralization system. In pH reactors, determination and control of pH is
a common problem concerning chemical-based industrial processes due to the non-linearity observed
in the titration curve. An ANFSGA control system is designed to overcome the complexity of precise
control of pH. In the proposed control system the genetic algorithm is employed to do the crossover
and mutation operation in adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) mechanism. In this way,
on-line learning ability is employed to deal with external disturbance by adjusting the control
parameters. The control objective is to drive the system state to the original equilibrium point or to
track the set point.