Ab Initio Study of Conformational and Configurational Properties of 1, 3- Diazacyclohepta-1, 2-diene and 1, 3-Diazacycloocta-1, 2-diene

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Ab initio calculations at HF/6-31G* level of theory for geometry optimization and MP2/6-
31G*//HF/6-31G* for a single point total energy calculation are reported for the important
energy-minimum conformations and transition-state geometries of 1, 3-diazacyclohepta-1, 2-
diene (2) and 1, 3-diazacycloocta-1, 2-diene (3). The C2 symmetric twist-chair (2-TC)
conformation of 2 is calculated to be 7.4 kJ mol-1 more stable than the twist-boat (2-TB, C2)
conformer. Interconversion of 2-TC and 2-TB conformations takes place by a relatively highenergy
(58.2 kJ mol-1) transition state. The unsymmetrical chair (3-C) conformation of 3 is
calculated to be 6.6 kJ mol-1 more stable than the C2 symmetric twist-boat (3-TB) form. The
transition state linking 3-C and 3-TB conformations is 40 kJ mol-1 above 3-C. Racemization of
2-TC and 3-C conformations occures by cis-rotation and requires 77.9 and 83.5 kJ mol-1,