Selective Membrane Electrode for Bromide Ion Based on Aza Pyrilium Ion Derivative as a new Ionophore.

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A highly selective electrode for Bromide ion based on aza pyrilium derivative as an excellent
ionophore is described.The sensor exhibits a good linear response with a slope of ( 60±1 ) mV per decade
over the concentration range of ( 1×10-3 – 9×10-6 M ) , and a detection limit of ( 3×10-6 M ) of Bromide
ions .The electrode response is independent of pH in the range of(4.0 –9.5).Selectivity coefficients
determined by the matched potential method ( MPM ) . Indicate that the interference from inorganic and
organic anions is negligible. The proposed sensor shows a fast response time of approximately (20 s).It
has been used as an indicator electrode in titration of Bromide with Ag +.