Comparison Studies on Complexation of Molybdenum(VI) with Aspartic Acid And Glutamic Acid in Different Dielectric Constants1

Document Type : Research Paper




Equilibria of the reaction of molybdenum(VI) with L-aspartic acid (Asp) and L- Glutamic acid
(Glu) have been studied by spectrophotometric measurements in mixed solvent systems at an ionic
strength of 0.2 mol/dm3 sodium perchlorate, employed (15, 20, 25, 30± 0.1°C) at pH ranges of 3.2
to 5.5 with a high ratio of ligand to metal. The stability constants of the complexes and the
resulting free energy changes are presented. The effect of solvent systems on protonation and
complexation are discussed. Linear relationships are observed by plotting logK versus 1/D , where
K and D show stability and dielectric constants, respectively.