Complexation of Bis(acetylacetonate)oxovanadium(IV) with D–penicillamine at neutral medium

Document Type : Research Paper




Neutral bidentate N-O type complexe of VO(II) has been synthesized through condensation of Dpenicillamine,(
D-H2Pen), with Bis(acetylacetonate)- oxovanadium(IV),[VO(acac)2], at neutral
medium . The established schiff base(NO type) complex was characterized on the basis of IR and
mass spectroscopy techniques.Besides,D-H2Pen binding behavior to[VO(acac)2] has been studied
in thermodynamic viewpoint using Uv/Vis spectroscopy.The measurments were done in 5mM
phosphate buffer,pH 7.0 and various temperatures.The optical absorption spectra of
[VO(acac)2]were analyzed in order to obtain binding constants and stoichiometries using SQUAD
software.The results show that the best fitting corresponds to 1:2 metal to ligand, complex
between [VO(acac)2] and D-H2Pen.The estimation of binding constant at various temperatures
enabled us to calculate all of the thermodynamic parameters of binding using Van,t Hoff equation.