Kinetic study on the electrodecolorization of C.I. Acid Yellow 23

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The electrocoagulation (EC) is a simple and efficient method for the treatment of many water and wastewaters.
The kinetics of decolorization of Acid Yellow 23 by EC using iron electrodes was studied. The
electrodecolorization rate follows pseudo-first order kinetic with respect to the AY23 concentration having
kapp= 5.65 cm min-1 at T= 295 K. The rate equation is as follows:
ln [AY23]t – ln [AY23]0 = -kapp
36 cm t
250 cm
The pseudo-first order rate constant (kapp) is sensitive to the operational parameters. The kapp is low in both
highly acidic and basic conditions. For the optimum operating conditions in electrodecolorization of AY23, the
activation energy was 41.15 kJ mol-1, sludge volume was about 8 ml from 250 ml of the original AY23 solution.
The electrical energy consumption required for this treatment was 7.74 × 10-4 kW h and the electrode
consumption was 37.4 mg.