Ionic str4ength dependence of formation constants, complexation of Glycine with dioxouranium (VI) Ion

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The dependence on ionic strength of protonation of glycine and its complexation with dioxouranium (VI) is reported in sodium perchlorate and sodium chloride solutions as background salts. The measurements have been performed at 25±0.1°C and various ionic strengths in the range 0.1 to 1.0 mol , using a combination of potentiometric and spectrophotometric techniques. The overall analysis  of the present  and the previous data dealing with the determination of stability constants at different ionic strengths allowed us to obtain a general equation, by which a formation constant determined at a fixed ionic strengths can be calculated, with a good approximation, at another ionic strength, if 0.1  ionic strength  1.0 mol  sodium perchlorate or sodium chloride.