The kinetic study of the AZo Dye Decolourisation by advanced oxidation process

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In the present study, advanced oxidation treatment, UV/ was applied to decolourisation of Acid Orange 8 (AO8). The UV radiation was carried out with a 15 W low-pressure mercury lamp. Kinetic model for the decolourisation of the dye was developed based on experimental results and known chemical and photochemical reactions. The observed kinetic reaction constant was determined and correlated as a function of  concentration. The rate of colour removal has been studied by measure of absorbency at characteristic wavelength. The decolourisation reaction is pseudo-first order with respect to the dye concentration. The rate increases nonlinearly with increasing  concentration. Increasing the [] can increase the decolourisation rate of the dye, but there is an optimal hydrogen peroxide dosage at witch the rate of the reaction is maximum.