Comparison of adsorptions of phenol,p-nitrophenol and 1-butanol on the activated carbon

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Adsorption of 1-Butanol, Phenol, and P-nitrophenol on activated carbon have
been studied. The results were used to testifying the validity of different models
based on thermodynamic principles: Freundlich, Langmuir and Henry isotherms.
The maximum capacity of adsorbent for three compounds was determined, The
constants of equilibrium were determined by Freundlich isotherm and virial
isotherm expression for phenol and 1-butanol, respectively. The thermodynamic
functions: AG',AS',AH° , were calculated from the data of adsorption of phenol on
activated carbon as a function of temperature. In addition, adsorption of mixtures
of phenol and p-nitrophenol under limited range of concentration were studied.
Finally arrangement of carbon atoms in activated carbon and surface coverage of
activated carbon by phenol and 1-butanol for different configurations of
compounds has been discussed.