Study of Photooxidative Degradation of Reactive Dyes from Aqueous Solutions by UV/ C102 Process

Document Type : Research Paper




The color removal of three reactive dyes in an aquatic system without prior
treatment was studied. Selected commercial dyes were treated with NaC102 and
UV as oxidation agents. Effects of nature of oxidant, temperature, pH of
solutions, concentration of C107—, contact time of C102— and UV irradiation were
investigated. Optimal C102— concentration for color removal in the absence of UV
irradiation was found to be 20 mg I for all dyes studied. Combination of UV
irradiation and C102— was found to be more effective. C102— dosage between 20
mg I and UV irradiation (15 watts) for color removal than individual oxidant
with contact time of 30 minutes was required. The accuracy of method was
checked by measuring the COD of the samples. For determination of color
removal of samples, Spectrophotometery method was used for measurement of
absorbance changes of the samples (AA).