Synthesis of Polyaniline/Polyamide composites as membrane and investigation of its properties

Document Type : Research Paper




Practical applications of conducting polymers such as polyaniline as membranes are particulary limited
because of their poor mechanical properties. However by mixing polyaniline with some conventional insulating
polymers such as nylon and preparation composite films through solvent casting or blending, it seems to be a
suitable way in order to increase the mechanical properties of the conducting polymer films PolyanilineNylons
(PAn/Ny) composites were processed fro n formic acid. The preparation conditions were optimized with regard
to the mechanical properties. The molar ratio of PAn to nylon has the greatest effect in mechanical properties of
the composite membranes.Thermal stability of the PAn/Nylon composites (casted on transparent glass from
formic acid) was investigated spectrotrophotometrically (Uv-Vis). Our spectrophotometric analysis shows that
the polymeric composites are more thermally stable compared to pure PAn.