Application of Electroactive Nano Composite Coated onto Wood Sawdust for the Removal of Malachite Green Dye from Textile Wastewaters

Document Type : Research Paper




In this research, the removal of malachite green dye from Textile Wastewaters using polyaniline coated onto sawdust (PAni/SD) has been investigated. Ammonium peroxodisulphate was used as chemical oxidant for polymerization of polyaniline directly on the surface of sawdust. The effects of some important parameters such as pH, initial concentration, sorbent dosage, exposure time and temperature on uptake of malachite green dye were investigated.Adsorption studies have shown that pH of the malachite green solution has influence on the dye removal capacity of PAni/SD. It was found that effective dye removal is occurred under neutral or acidic conditions. The treatments of  data were carried out using both Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption isotherms.