Theoretical study of catalytic reduction of CO2 with H20 by BOC-MP method

Document Type : Research Paper




Bond-Order Conservation-Morse Potential (BOC-MP) method is used to carry out the calculation
on the CO2+ H20 system. One of the best catalysts for methanol synthesis in catalytic reduction
of CO2 with H2O is Cu/ZnO/A1203 whose surface is supported by with some amount of Pd or
Ga. Reduction of CO2 with H20 on Cu will result in methanol formation; while on Ni will lead to
methane formation. In the mechanism of methanol synthesis from CO2+ H20 on Cu, the formate
(HCOO) hydrogenation step is rate-determining step and in the mechanism of methane synthesis
on Ni, carbon hydrogenation is rate-determining step. The kinetic of each proposed mechanism is