In-situ synthesis and characterization of conducting metal — polyaniline nanocomposites

Document Type : Research Paper




Metal—Polyaniline nanocomposites such as Platinum-Polyaniline nanocomposite is prepared by in
situ oxidative polymerization of aniline and reduction of Pt+4 ions into Pt nanoparticles. The
polymerization of aniline was carried out in the presence of 1(2PtCN6 [Potassium Hexa Cyano
Platinate (IV)] as oxidizing agent. During the reaction aniline monomers undergo oxidation and
form polyaniline (PANT) whereas the reduction of [PtCN6]-2 ions result the formation of Pt
nanoparticles. Nano-sized Pt particles were prepared by controlled reduction of Platinum precursor
in micro emulsion medium, stabilized with the anionic surfactant (AOT). Micro emulsion solution
acts as both emulsifier and dopant to obtain stable nanocomposite. PANI-AOT-Pt nanocomposite
is characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy and scanning microelectronic microscopy (SEM).