Adsorption of Pyrazolone[HPMSP1,Calix[4]-arene, Cu(II) and Cs on Carbon Nanotube

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The adsorption of pyrazolone(HPMSP), Calix[4]-arene,Cu and Cs, on carbon nanotube(CNT) at
room temperature has been investigated using spectroscopy.
Uv spectroscopy indicated that pyrazolone molecules adsorbed on carbon nanotube at room
temperature in compared calix[4]- arene molecules adsorbed approximately same.The amount of
pyrazolone(HPMSP) adsorb 3.8. le mol/g and amount calix[4]-arene adsorbed 1.3 x10-5mol/g.The
physisorption of such an organic molecules is an example of nano covalent functionalization involving
rc-11 stacking interactions and corresponding to weak binding energy.The most favourable adsorption
site is one type C-C bond. Atomic adsorption shown carbon nanotube has capability and a high
adsorption efficiency for adsorption of Cu(II) and Cs from of water.