A simulation study of calcium release channel

Document Type : Research Paper




The IP3R calcium release channel has been simulated using a stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA;
Gillespie algorithm) and De young-Keiser model. A set of different concentration for Cat' and IP3 have
been used. Considering the Number of molecules in each state, a non linear behavior of the system can be
seen clearly. The inhibiting role of the Ca+2 on the open state (X110) has been studied. The degree of
inhibition may depend on the IP3 concentration. Different levels of inhibition have seen in different
inhibited states. Using the Gillespie algorithm, the frequency graphs for each set of Ca+2 and IP3
concentrations and in different time domains can be achieved. The probability of open channel increases
with going from small time domain to large time domain. A good consistency can be inferred comparing
with different results from the past studies (Both in theoretical and experimental studies).A reaction pattern
in fast time domain has seen, too.