Investigation of Activity and Selectivity of n-Heptane by Reforming Pt-Ta Catalyst Supported on y-Alumina

Document Type : Research Paper




The catalyst Pt-Ta supported on 7-alumina was prepared by impregnation with solution containing compounds
of II21K1.0. and Ta205 The Pt concentration was kept constant at 0.2 vet% while the concentration of the
tantalum was 0,4 wt%. The activity and selectivity of catalyst were determined under conditions at 450-500 °C
and 15-30 atm.. with molar ratio H2/C[H,e5 and WH=1.5mL/h for converted n-heptane. The results showed
that in the presence the catalyst is stable and has much higher selectivity for aromatization reaction. It was
shovm that Ta modifies the acidity of support, resulting to higher selectivity for eternalization, and modifies the
properties of the Pt catalyst.