Investigation of NMR Shielding Tensors of Para-Sulfonato-calix 141 arene Complexation with some of Alkali metal atoms

Document Type : Research Paper




Calixarenes are a readily available and important class of macrocycles in supramolecular
chemistry. Calixarenes have generated considerable interest due to their basket shaped structure
and as useful building blocks to synthesize selective receptors for the guest species, notably alkali,
alkaline earth, lanthanide and transition metal cations. In this work studied on the complexing
properties of a para-sulfonato-calix [4] arene (C281424016S4) with alkali metal cations. The
complexation properties of para-sulfonato- calix [4] arene were studied by Hartree Fock method.
The complexes showed different properties for the different cations, depending on the cations and
the position of the substituents grafted on the ligand.