Computational studies of carbon decorated boron nitride nanocones

Document Type : Research Paper




Density functional theory ,(DFT) calculations have been performed to investigate the properties of
carbon decorated (C-decorated) models of boron nitride (BN) nanocones. To this aim, the apex and
tip of nanocone have been substituted by the carbon atoms to represent the C-decorated models. The
results indicated that dipole moments and energy gaps could reveal the effects of C-decorations on
the properties of BN nanocones. Computations of quadrupole coupling constants (Qcc) for boron-II
and nitrogen-14 of the optimized structures have indicated that those boron and nitrogen atoms close
to the C-decorated regions detect the most significant effects of C-decorations. Moreover, these
atoms could play dominant role in determining the properties of the C-decorated BN nanocones.