Removal of betamethasone sodium phosphate from wastewater using zinc oxide nanoparticles

Document Type : Research Paper




The photocatalytic degradation of betamethasone sodium phosphate was investigated in aqueous
suspensions of zinc oxide nanoparticular with diameter size 20 nm under a variety of conditions.
Different parameters such as irradiation time, the amount catalyst (0.12-0.8 g LH), initial
concentration of drug (10-50 mgLjand initial pH values (ranging from 3 to II) were investigated
in the presence of various electron acceptors. It was observed that 0.44 gL-I of photocatalyst is the
optimum value for photocatalyst dosage. In the most favorite conditions, the degradation
efficiency was obtained 30gL-I for betamethasone sodium phosphate. Finally, the kinetics process
was studied and the photodegradation rate of betamethasone sodium phosphate was found to obey
pseudo-first-order kinetics equation represented by the Langmuir-Hinshelwood model.