Alternations of Antioxidant Activity in Saliva in Smokers

Document Type : Research Paper




Cigarette smoke is injurious to both oral cavity and internal body environment. Saliva is the first
body fluid to encounter the dangerous smoke. The aim of our present study was, therefore, to
evaluate the influence of smoking on the antioxidant activity of saliva of healthy smokers.
Antioxidant capacity of saliva was determined using different methods in the centrifuged saliva from
25 male smokers and 25 non-smokers in a similar age range. Chemical methods and high
performance liquid chromatography (HIQC) revealed a significant decrease in total antioxidant
capacity and values of non-enzymatic antioxidants in saliva of smokers. Based on the results obtained
in the present study, we concluded that smoking could significantly affect the anitoxidant behavior of
normal human saliva. Thus, smoking may induce several oral diseases as well as respiratory and
cardiovascular disorders and could cause different cancers.