Solubility Product Study of CdF2 in a Mixed Solvent Medium and Related Ion—Pair Formation at 25 °C

Document Type : Research Paper




The solubility of CdF2 in the mixed solvent (water(1)+ethanol(2)) with mass fraction, W1 = 0.9,
was determined by using solvent evaporating method in the presence of various concentrations
(0.100, 0.200, 0.300, 0.400, 0.500, 0.600, 0.800 and 1.500 mo1.1)) of NaCI at 25°C. The values of
solubility and solubility product constant of CdF2 in the mixed solvent were evaluated at zero ionic
strength upon the extrapolation method. Then, the ion - pairing extension was calculated in the
considered solution.