Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4, Winter 2007, Pages 1-52 
2. Influence of Dielectric Constant on Codon-Anticodon pairing in mRNA and tRNA triplets by Theoretical Studies: Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theory Calculations.

Pages 15-26

M. Monajjemi; M.H. Razavian; F. Mollaamin; F. Naderi; H. Monajemi; S. Saki; R.A. Khavari-nejad; K.Zare Zare; A. Haddadi

3. Thermodynamic study of interaction between phthalocyanines with calf thymus DNA

Pages 27-36

M. Aghaie; F. Naderi; M. Monajjemi; H. Aghaie; N. Safari; P.R. Jamaat

4. Electrochemical Synthesis of 5-Aminosalicylic Acid from 5- Nitrosalicylic Acid in Alkaline Media

Pages 37-42

Mohammad Bagher Pasha Zanousi; Mohammad Saber Tehrani; Ardeshir Kermani; Jilla Khalighie

6. Ab initio and charge study of phospholipids in gas phase and solution

Pages 49-56

M. Monajjemi; A. Poorazizi; R.A. khavari- Nejad; F. Falahian; M. Movehdi; S. Saki; F. Mollaamin; B. Khalili Hadad

7. Synthesis of Polyaniline/Polyamide composites as membrane and investigation of its properties

Pages 57-64

M. Banimahd Keivani; M. Aghaie; R. Ansari; K. Zare; H. Aghaiel